Zeus Renewables is the only Australian company partnering with landowners and investors to re-purpose land for large-scale Solar Farms.

Our solar farms projects are designed to export generated energy into the grid, enabling it to be sold on the National Electricity Market. We utilise the latest state-of-the-art PV technologies to ensure the most efficient, reliable power generation.

Zeus Renewables established as a subsidiary in Australia in early 2020. Since then we have been working and operating within the Australian market. Currently, we
have 10 different projects around Australia that have been developed and operated by us.

We have built a close relationship and worked with the leading industry groups to deliver renewable energy projects through planning consent, development, design and construction. Our projects have been supported by commercial and financial contracts.

Our projects deliver:

  • Long-term, secure supplementary income to landowners
  • Access to the Australian renewable energy market to investors and shareholders
  • Sustainable returns for investors

Our projects also bring significant benefits to the regional communities we work in.
We are creating jobs, providing local economies with the assets to improve energy
infrastructure, and creating stronger, more sustainable communities.


Work With Us

From early-stage preliminary options, through to advanced projects, we work hand-in-hand with developers who have interests in large-scale renewable energy. We also work with energy-intensive industries looking to explore behind-the-meter solutions. 

For any further solution feel free to contact us today